RV Gardening Tips

RVs are a unique means of travel. People who live in them, or just use them for vacations have the flexibility to see the country. But the down side of having an RV is that your choices for gardening are limited.

With every move you must pack up your containers. Each stop means finding a location for your garden in the sun and coping with climate changes that include dry weather, humidity, elevation change and temperature changes.

Fortunately, there are several container garden products on the market that make an RV garden much easier, including Earthboxes and Topsy Turvey tomato grow bags for growing everything from strawberries and peppers to cherry tomatoes. Portable planter boxes are the right size for placing on a back bumper. Or use a countertop hydroponic system such as an Areogrow for raising a few culinary plants on your kitchen counter.

Smaller vegetables such as miniature tomatoes are also more practical for mobile gardening. Or stick with a culinary garden filled with hardy, small herbs for seasoning your store bought food.

If your grow plants in larger tubs such as pickle buckets, you can even make your plant containers lighter by mixing Styrofoam packing peanuts with lightweight potting soil. This should make it easier to lift your plants up a set of RV stairs when the time comes to move them. Lightening the soil will also help save on fuel costs once your containers are loaded onto your vehicle.

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