The Tater Pot – Has Anyone Heard Of This Yet?

The garden center of my local big-box store is starting to restock this week. One of the newest temptations items in the aisles is a three gallon-sized container for growing potatoes on your patio, called a “Tater Pot”

Unlike grow bags, this container seems to be a nested pot. Whenever you want to harvest your crop, you lift out the inner pot and pick as many potatoes as you need from the soil. According to the box, the tubers grow back.

This is intriguing to me. Enough so that I very nearly bought one on the spot. If the price had been clearly marked, and if I hadn’t been in the process of moving, I might have picked it up.

Since returning home, I have tried to look the Tater Pot up online, but have not been able to find it anywhere. Is this product simply too new?

I am thinking that I may need to try and review this just for the sake of my own curiosity. We will see once the move is finished.

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16 Responses to The Tater Pot – Has Anyone Heard Of This Yet?

  1. James says:

    I have heard of it just today while at the local walmart thus I looked it up online when i got home and all i find on it is your posting. I will go back to the local walmart and see if there is a website for it, Since they only have one left.

  2. James says:

    Ok they didn’t have the information on the outside of the bucket, but… if u take two buckets that will set inside each other, take the inside one make out even panels in three spaces around the bucket. Leave 2″ between the areas that will be cut out. leave 2″ at top and 2″ at bottom then cut out the panel. with three cut outs place that bucket inside the other one. But do not cut the one that will be the outside bucket. Now plant your taters in there with a 3″ bottom peat moss fill place the taters in and place peat moss around them, do not pack it in, it will settle with the water, when tater plants start to bloom u can them lift the inside bucket out and see the root bed and see if the taters are large enough to use. the Bucket was 15 dollars i bought two buckets for 4.95 and already have peat moss.

    • Tracy says:

      When I went back to my local store, the were sold out as well. It look like I won’t get to try one out this year. They did have grow bags with an access flap so that you could reach the potatoes, which I may try this year.

  3. Laeh J says:

    I just bought one and set it up today. It was really simple, although there was a a weird strap inside with no instructions on how to use it. I could have probably made my own. However, I’m impatient to get going with my planting this year. I did a google search too and couldn’t find anything, not even the company’s website.
    If you don’t buy one, I can keep you posted on how it works.
    Laeh J recently posted..March Madness

    • Tracy says:

      Let me know how it turns out.

      • Laeh J says:

        Hmm. Everything sprouted beautifully. And, when I lift the inner pot, it looks just like the pictures. I think that the potatoes are getting close, but they’re not that easy to access. Unlike the picture on the packaging, they’re growing towards the center, which means that you still have to dig to get to them. We’ll see how it goes as the season wears on.
        Laeh J recently posted..My Life Right Now

        • Tracy says:

          You are supposed to harvest a few potAtoes at a time. It seems like that would be hard to do if you have to dig for them. As for me, my potato bag is growing great. The potatoes have flowers on top. I haven’t opened the flap to check the tubers, though.

  4. Bev Victory says:

    I was a sucker for this pot and bought it on the spot. It was on 12.99 at my Walmart. I have grown potatoes in trash cans with the bottoms cut out for the last couple of years – I could turn it over for the harvest, no digging, but only one harvest. I am putting mine together as soon as I finish this and then we’ll see what happens. I will be happy to report back as the season progresses. Great idea with the buckets as one person commented, but I already had my tater pot.

  5. Gill says:

    I saw it today at Walmart in the cheapie aisle it looked like a great idea, and yes I may go back and get it. We’ll have to compare notes at the end of the season!

    • Tracy says:

      For the price, it seems like a good deal. They were sold out by the time I went back to get one. Please let me know your results.

  6. Bonita says:

    Well I too saw them at the local store and had the same idea as James did about using buckets, I used his dimensions for my inner one, but I added a wick from an old sock that would travel the water back up from the bottom bucket. The top edge of my inside bucket was already about two inches which left a gap into the lower one so I decided the water would drain out into the bottom bucket in the air/gap space and made a wick to help the water travel back up to the roots. hmm… hope it works anxious to see everyone’s results.

  7. Joe says:

    I also bought one of these from Walmart in the beginning of March. So far my tallest plat measures 14 inches and looks great! Out of everything I’ve planted so far this year, these are doing the best. I’ve never planted potatoes before but I’d have to say so far so good.

  8. jan says:

    also bought one but my question is do you ever take the inside bucket out or just leave them together and when the blooms die off is that when you start digging my first time for trying this also my are setting in a grren house

    • Tracy says:

      My impression was that you could start harvesting the potatoes whenever they reached new potato state (immature but still edible). I am allowing the taters in my grow bag to fully ripen before I harvest them myself.

  9. James M says:

    Don’t waste your money. Bought at Walmart in Cali for $13.97. Followed instructions. Plant grew large and flowered, according to instructions you can start harvesting potatoes when it starts flowering. Harvested 1 red TINY potato and plant then died. Looks like Walmart and China win again, and will have record profits this year. :(

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